The Sandman 1989 Issue 18

Hi, I’m Yalın 👋

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I’m Yalın (Sounds like: ). I improved myself with the help of various courses and curiosity. I have worked in various freelance jobs. I have been a member of FSF* since 2015 and in the same years I became the founder of Perl Mongers Ankara*. I develop and contribute to open source projects. I am currently working as a software developer at Anayurt Teknoloji* You can check my geek code for more information. This code was generated with version 3.1. Thanks for your time.

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GCS d- s-:- a- C+++ UL++>++++ P+(++) L+++>++++ E- W+++ N? o? K? w– O— M+ V? PS+++ PE– Y++>+++ PGP++>+++ t B? X R+>+++ !tv b++>+++ DI+ D+ G e++>+++ h! r- y+

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